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# B O R D E R C R I S I S

Ladders to Get Over Trump’s Wall Campaign



As scores of misled individuals are refunded their money from a scandalous fundraiser to wall-off humanity and other Trump supporters embrace being scammed. We will counter their hate-fueled efforts by supporting the creative initiative launched by non-profit RAICES and other activists to provide migrant families with ladders (and equipment) to get over Trxmp’s wall/gate/steel slats/picket fence.

While this administration holds the government hostage, imperils roughly 800,000 federal employees and jeopardizes national security in the name of fearful ignorance, let’s help refugees escape violence and persecution. #RESIST

We are currently donating $0.25 from every purchase of a RESIST #BorderCrisis garment to the Ladders To Get Over Trump’s Wall Campaign via GoFundMe; an activist fueled effort to supply migrant families with ladders to get over Trump’s “wall”. If their goal is not reached, all raised funds will go to  Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES) , a Texas-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency that promotes justice by providing free and low-cost legal services to underserved immigrant children, families, and refugees.

Learn more about the campaign and keep up with our donation progress here!

# Q U E E N S T O O

Black. Women. Matter.



Although the #MeToo movement was orginally founded years ago by Taranda Burke, with a focus on highlighting the stories of Black women who survived sexual violence, it was outwardly hijacked by the mainstream media, who advertised White women as the face of the momentous campaign.

Make no mistake, we believe that women of all colors and backgrounds deserve an opportunity to be heard. However, various published studies, recorded footage and testimonies reveal that Black patients are dismissed, offered less time with their doctor and not recommended the same options when compared to their White counterparts.

Statistics prove that women tend to wait longer to visit the doctor than men. Matched with living in an underserved community-vulnerable to racist practices-and most affected by the Trump administrations assault on women’s health, leaves Black women especially at risk in today’s day and age. Yet, their voices are overlooked, countless victims of sexual assault ignored amidst a seemingly hypocrtical #MeToo movement.

We aim to amplify the voice of Black women through healing, giving them the power to share their story; attracting the relevance it certifiably deserves. We are currently donating $0.25 from every purchase of #QUEENSTOO garments to the Therapy For Black Women And Girls Campaign via GoFundMe hosted by Rachel Cargle. Your purchase will help pay for therapy sessions for Black women, allowing their stories to be heard and access to healing.

Learn more and follow our donation progress here!

# B L A C K L I V E S M A T T E R

Flint STILL doesn’t have clean water.



Almost 5 years ago now, the Flint water crisis began when the city’s water supply was switched from Lake Huron, to the Detroit river, a greedy move to save money that would later prove fatal, poisoning tens of thousands of residents.

Today, Flint STILL doesn’t have clean water but rather an irreparable relationship with an untrustworthy local government, an unconcerned President and a nation that will raise over $10 million for an imaginary wall but not the certainty that every American has clean drinking water in 2018/19. As a Michigan native, I have friends and family affected by this crisis and am therefore compelled to act.

Let’s help Flint families and children where the government incautiously failed and continues to fail them!

We are currently donating $0.25 from every purchase of this BLM RESIST garments to the #SaveFlintChallenge Campaign via GoFundMe. Your purchase will help the secure bottled water from outlets such as, Meijer Grocery Store, CleanItSupply.com, Sam’s Club, etc. & shipped directly to Flint, Michigan. Learn more about the campaign and keep up with our donation progress here!

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